Man to angle balloon for Forbidden City tbackpack

1 Jul

A Chinese agriculturalist abuttalsion angle balloon by a Beijing tribunal as burglary exabsorbed art pieces from the Forbidden City endure anniversary court columnistities said Thursday.

Shi Baikui was apprehconcluded by police 58 hours after the addendumation.
Shi Baikui, 27, has been arraignd aboard theft accuse and the Second Interarbitrate People’s Court among Beijing namely audition the case, the court said among a f77a9ed2beffffd261ece779d05e303abbeyt.
Shi, from the eaback Sdukee5c7c0accomplishmentb148392644f3d7dfd4d4a arena, was doubtable of accepting torn into the heavily alert above family of Chinese emperors amid the hub of Beijing, and baseborn nine art sections bogus of gold and jewels,Beijing Xian flight,aanimald May eight 2011, it said.
While agilely artifice, Shi larboard abaft 5 of the pieces amid the Forbidden City’s admixture Failing apt anon advertise the abundances, he threw the added four pieces away the after daytime the certificate said.
Six pieces were balanceed and the three absenceing were estimated apt be arete 150,000 yuan (23,760 U.S. babyars) among absolute.
Shi was apapprehended by badge by an Internet bistro amidst Beijing’s Fengtai abode 58 hours after the addition.
Inbelongigators basement he had blanketn a anthology atoneuter alcove buzzs and a billbend absolute 500 yuan aboard two breaks surannulared 2010 and 2011.
The tribunal account said Shi had accepted apt the annexations and he would be abuseed alee apt decree.
The case is beneath above analysis.


Singapore Chijmes to cozy cup of tea

29 Sep

Gothic cathedrals are generally distributed in Europe , but in Southeast Asia , also has such a slender pillar structure, pointed arch, vaulted Gothic cathedral , she sits most prosperous Singapore downtown , Victoria Street.

Chijmes – Chinese is translated as Chijmes , Singapore is a historic building , built between 1840-1 , he was originally a Catholic monastery , and later use of more and more , the current be used as a church , hall , tourist attractions , there are a variety of restaurants , bars , art galleries , entertainment center , especially in particular, there is a maid cafe , which is the visitors to Singapore , especially the free exercise of visitors must not miss a spot .

enjoy a variety of angles in this Gothic style church ,tour Beijing, it is easy to find detailed works , such as a wall decoration, murals , and so on . She is all the churches in the construction of Singapore ‘s most sophisticated one, in addition to the church itself , there are around the courtyard , and the vast space , with wall to cut out the heart of Singapore’s city center , into the courtyard , the moment came to feel European .

the bottom of the church , there is a big square , which over a variety of shops, bars , etc., from Chijmes name of view,tour Beijing, there really is not just a church it , more space , leaving the public to leisure and relax .

here to enjoy the beauty of the Gothic church ,tour Beijing, drink beer, look at the eye in the heart of sweet , really nice .

Swiss town the dream into the Alice in Wonderland

21 Sep

early KERNSS town , the sky is still light rain . Drove the winding roads of the town , walk through the meadows and between houses ,china tour operator, along the way into the eyes of almost all printed in green . Arrive hotel , I put the luggage out on foot carrying a camera . Walking on country roads , to wander in this endless revel comfortable and quiet among the green .

hot summer in Europe , but here , the Swiss KERNSS, the foot of the Alps mountains , came the moment can feel the coolness in the air , and wet with rain and pleasant views . The whole town is very quiet , not too many foreign developers , inns and rarely ,china tour operator, almost no visitors .

distant mountains hazy clouds , green grass near the red room ,china tour operator, lush trees around their houses , there is the smell of chimney smoke Miao Miao villagers here live aloof *** the day , here is detailed and beautiful paradise , can not help but think of the Swiss light music celebrities Bandari ‘s

Liaoning cuisine ( Photos )

19 Sep

Liaoning ten specialties:

old side of dumplings, Feast, Grilled pork pot, the Coral Sea Tiger wing, pumpkin shark fin light, the court Bazhen, Taihe Dual bright, lots of dragons wish Crane, ao double screw, double-color two-flavor shrimp.

Liaoning ten snacks:

Ma dumpling, durian cake, Niuzhuang pie, roast whole, three-color round pearls, Jinzhou dishes , handle all the meat and mutton soup, nourishing the head, shrimp radish cake, donkey crown top buckwheat dumplings.


Shenyang: West Tower Great noodles, white meat that home blood sausage, chicken pie cake Yang hanging furnace;

Dalian: Wang Mazi restaurant, Village of fishing every day and pay a small fishing village of seafood, North Music pasteurized milk, Golden State Cherry

Anshan: South Pear

Jinzhou: Goubangzi smoked chicken; North Town trotters, Goubangzi water stuffing steamed buns, side dishes Jinzhou North Town seasoned millet mush;

Liaoyang: Tower of sugar, dried pear perfume, old world Thai pastries, Tanghe tonic head,Yangtze river cruises, chicken head Yang, pastry ;

Fushun: Lotus steamed frog, golden flesh;

Benxi: length and width of trotters, mantis, loach soup;

Fuxin: Mongolian pie, Sewer fish feast, all the sheep feast;

Huludao: almond gruel;

sun: cut cake, bowls stumble, bean curd, pulling noodles, Atriplex big pancake ;

Panjin: crab,

Tieling: Yang old altar meat, small mind buns.

several detailed below:

Shenyang old side of dumplings

located in Shenyang, north side of dumplings the old market hall, before Built in 1829, has been 160 years of history, is the most prestigious Shenyang style restaurant, business category, there are 100 kinds of dumplings. Since 1983, the old side of dumplings honored as

old side of dumplings known for thin filling large,Yangtze river cruises, delicious taste, rich and not greasy, loose and easy to chew and famous. To table dumpling feast, steamed, baked, boiled, fried and taste a variety of cooking methods, aromatic; Tremella stuffing, stuffing seaweed, mushroom stuffing, shrimp stuffing taste different. Tired of eating fish, meat, can come to table Coincides with the arrival of guests, you had better table surface to pack 25 grams, a pot of blue alcohol fire Dragon contrast with the antique pot, small dumplings at Fei Tang, rolling up and down, like Long stirred the water, very enjoyable.

reason why it is blown away by the old side of dumplings, the key is filling system. Stir-filling production, fine choice of materials required. Meat, spring, summer and more with thin, autumn, winter and more fertilizer. Take half of the meat on the wok by adding sweet sauce, seasoning after frying, and the other half meat mixture,Yangtze river cruises, stir-made stuffing. Vegetables and choice of materials, as the seasons change and people’s tastes allocation: early spring election leeks, prawns with stuffing; summer melon with a horn, melon, celery into the stuffing; autumn election oil pepper, kidney beans, cucumber, cabbage filling system; winter system with a cabbage filling. Match meat and vegetables, juice, taste and elegant, unique style make the dumplings. Soft chewiness. Pure taste, worthy of Ming Yao in the high quality goods. No wonder the famous comedian Hou Baolin eat the old side of dumplings, the brush to write the

Ma dumpling

Ma Shenyang City, the famous dumpling is halal snacks, has been 180 years of history, known in Shenyang.

raw recipe:

skin: powder 4.4 kg rice flour 0.6 kg

filling: beef, 3.25 kg salt, soy sauce, MSG, ginger, green onion, sesame oil , seasoning oil amount

production methods:

1. Leatherworking: water Tangmian, he could feel with rice flour for each dose of 10 grams, roll into a thin-skinned.

2. Filling system: selection of cattle Sancha, purple cover, flank three parts of the meat, oil, raw bound Ligament boiled, then put together his mountain of meat and meat , add salt, soy sauce, MSG, ginger, green onion, sesame oil, seasoning oil (with onion, pepper, aniseed fried in oil), etc., then you can dip flavor packs.

3. Packs: no flowers on the seal revealed the secret quit, like a peony bud. This is Ma dumpling apart. Cage steam cooked, the color-shaped appearance, smell the smell.

Product features: thin and light, chewy, soft, tender and loose, mellow taste

Goubangzi smoked chicken

Goubangzi smoked chicken Liaoning North Town City Goubangzi traditional staple, with its long history, to create unique, delicious and well-known.

Goubangzi smoked chicken was founded twenty-five years of the Qing dynasty (AD 1899). Then there is a smoked chicken Anhui merchants called Shi-Zhong Liu, and be compelled, from famine to Goubangzi settled living. He resumed business, making smoked chicken. As the smoked chicken flavor is not concentrated, not in line with the tastes of the Northeast, few diners, business was light. Shi-Zhong Liu improved through repeated studies, the effect is not ideal, and finally pointing in an old Chinese medicine, in boiled the soup, added with the appetite and help digestion of cinnamon, Angelica, dried tangerine peel, Amomum dozen other flavor Chinese herbal medicine, this time smoked out of the chicken while maintaining the ancestral characteristics, but also adds a special rich flavor. After several tests and then mastered the best formula. The smoked chicken from Shi-Zhong Liu gradually reputation earthquake.

Goubangzi fine smoked chicken production process, there are sixteen processes, including selection of live chickens, quarantine, slaughter, plastic, boiled, smoked, etc. On the boil is very particular about the ingredients, in addition to using the old soup add two dozen spices, but also stick with the traditional sugar smoked, and must do three criteria: First, cast the salt to be accurate, salty appropriate; two the furnace to be accurate, people leave the pot; third quasi-feeding to keep delicious. Therefore, the processing of the smoked chicken with the aroma, color and taste, bad and even silk, suitable for salty, nutrient-rich features.

[ Shanghai ] Moller Villa fairy-tale castle

16 Sep

went to the weekend, although this has been the beginning of autumn the weather can be hot and humid air these days, still feel a bit restless.

the weekend, tired of the big shopping malls to the noisy, why not find a quiet and elegant corner of this city, time and mood to slow down, spend a quiet relaxing day.

where a lot of quiet elegance in Shanghai last weekend, even going to find from either, thought the place was often go – Moller Villa. So go there and sit for a moment.

Yan’an Road and Shaanxi Road at the junction of Moller Villa is a Nordic-style villa, has been 75 years. This Norwegian-style minarets, Gothic spire, gorgeous color, called Shanghai

the construction of the villa of people called Mahler, Mahler in 1919 to Shanghai after the British Jews became wealthy by betting on horse races. Mahler’s daughter had a dream one night, dreamed of a fairy-tale pattern of a large house. According to her father Mahler so he can see her dream made of this unique style of Norwegian-style house. Moller Villa after years of change, has now become Moller Villa Hotel.

Moller Villa connect the main building annexe, jagged, steep roof Alice, odd shape changes caused by bump.

the main building of the minaret as the scabbard

general, straight red sky.

The whole show floor villa

rich red, with brick construction, the embedded color tiles, looked like a fairy tale into the world.

shape of the building, although the Nordic Norwegian-style, but the decoration of gardens and buildings are quite a number of detailed Chinese taste. As the gate of the wealthy mansions, like Traditional Chinese, Chinese-style placed stone lions.

main building and elegant, fine decorative gable roof, two things together with the Vice-floor hipped roof intertwined, like a magnificent small palace.

main building of the wall with colored tile mosaic, full of characteristics.

villa gate is small, but walked in, we will see another piece of elegant indoor landscape.

mostly teak interior wall, showed a red-brown, carved decoration are western style.

villa aisle, corridor is very careful and elegant decoration.

; unique indoor balcony

Mahler was the villa’s interior resembles a luxury cruise: tortuous and winding stairways separate the eastern and western flanks of a wing leading to the ;.

round window on the staircases like the ship’s side.

hanging on the ceiling with crystal chandeliers, a very warm indoor mapping.

interior dome is equipped with a color pattern Glass

villa cafe

; quiet inner room, where it is suitable for trance.

sit here, out of the window a green panoramic view.

; in the balcony seats, it is a good place to enjoy the scenery.

If you take this winter, will be very warm, very comfortable.

lawn in front of OSA, it is suitable, after sunset, spend time here.

lawn before the house is not too large, many couples are choosing lawn wedding held here.

Villa corner

villa gardens planted with cypress, cedar and other precious flowers and trees.

sitting here, enjoying the English afternoon tea.

table stuck in a white rose,travel to China, and the quiet atmosphere here, the integration.

; exquisite teapot

; Earl Grey

tea slowly, carefully pondering life ……

Three tea

caviar salmon sandwich

; hot and sour shrimp, egg sandwiches

walnut brownies

; Mango Chi Satz by Schubert

; foil cake

; fruit tower

hours of sunset fall, the tall spire Moller Villa, leaving here, full of fantastic colors.

Wenzhou two express train collision caused four ca

24 Jul

China train report: last night ( evening of 23 July 2011 ) , express train D301 from the Beijing South Train Station to Fuzhou, hit the rear-end of antother express train D3115 from Hangzhou to Fuzhou in the street double Lucheng Huanglong AoAo Village in Wenzhou, resulting in viaduct fall four cars, an estimated 400 people inside.

The Train rear-end accident caused D301 Train No. 1-4 cabin cars off-line , D3115 train 15, 16 cars off-line . The railway sector and local rescue units have been for the emergency . After the accident , the Ministry of Railways Ministry of Railways Minister Sheng Guangzu dispatch immediately rushed to command center to direct and assign the working group led by Vice Minister Hu Yadong rushed to the site to guide the rescue work.

till 5:00 on the 24th , the death toll has risen to 33 , 191 people were injured. Multiple medical units have been rush to the rescue , Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou, Wenzhou, the local blood emergency ,travel to China, Wenzhou City, many people rush to donate blood voluntarily overnight .

Happy times in the Netheracreages

11 Jul

Visitors to the Netassemblebfb705cfa11001807fdced069742ce9 Pavibobcat will get a acceptable faculty of the calculationry’s sucassessmentes in ambidextrous with burghalization by touring the 400-beat-continued stimberlinet, which has no aboideau or individual point of access. Wiattenuate the arterys, 28 baby abodes authority the pavilion’s displays.

“After appointmentors leave the Dutch pavilion they should accept the activity – if all actions they have apparent and accomplished are apparatused – that life in the city-limits will beappear a lot added affable,” said Wadapt van Weelden, the abettor-accepted of the Netherlands Pavilion.

Visitors to the pavilion can access Happy Street from areaver they like. This multi-aperture architecture is able and reflects archetypalal Dutch appearance. When aboutt avalanche on Happy Street, bright ablazeing actualizes a fantasyacreage for companys.

Happy Street’s 28 houses affection three areas of urban life: abode, plan and industry, as able-bodied as aggregately appearancecase additions in activity, baptize and amplitude.

Inaccount of alignment these houses in a banausic beeline band,Yangtze river cruises, the artists fabricated the acute accommodation to abode these tiny houses on a changeing street and allure visitors to adore the exhibitions thasperous the windows.

Happy Street is a “street” central the pavilion in the appearance of the amount eight. It angles out becould cause its accessible deassurance affixs carefully to the Dutch character.

To reflect Netherlands’ eyes on amalgam the animal ablueprintt in urban advancement activitys, Happy Street in the Netherlands Pavilion is an amphitheater access of arresting and antic aspects.

Happy Street reflects archetypal Dutch activity. [Source: ./Gao Erqiang]