[ Shanghai ] Moller Villa fairy-tale castle

16 Sep

went to the weekend, although this has been the beginning of autumn the weather can be hot and humid air these days, still feel a bit restless.

the weekend, tired of the big shopping malls to the noisy, why not find a quiet and elegant corner of this city, time and mood to slow down, spend a quiet relaxing day.

where a lot of quiet elegance in Shanghai last weekend, even going to find from either, thought the place was often go – Moller Villa. So go there and sit for a moment.

Yan’an Road and Shaanxi Road at the junction of Moller Villa is a Nordic-style villa, has been 75 years. This Norwegian-style minarets, Gothic spire, gorgeous color, called Shanghai

the construction of the villa of people called Mahler, Mahler in 1919 to Shanghai after the British Jews became wealthy by betting on horse races. Mahler’s daughter had a dream one night, dreamed of a fairy-tale pattern of a large house. According to her father Mahler so he can see her dream made of this unique style of Norwegian-style house. Moller Villa after years of change, has now become Moller Villa Hotel.

Moller Villa connect the main building annexe, jagged, steep roof Alice, odd shape changes caused by bump.

the main building of the minaret as the scabbard

general, straight red sky.

The whole show floor villa

rich red, with brick construction, the embedded color tiles, looked like a fairy tale into the world.

shape of the building, although the Nordic Norwegian-style, but the decoration of gardens and buildings are quite a number of detailed Chinese taste. As the gate of the wealthy mansions, like Traditional Chinese, Chinese-style placed stone lions.

main building and elegant, fine decorative gable roof, two things together with the Vice-floor hipped roof intertwined, like a magnificent small palace.

main building of the wall with colored tile mosaic, full of characteristics.

villa gate is small, but walked in, we will see another piece of elegant indoor landscape.

mostly teak interior wall, showed a red-brown, carved decoration are western style.

villa aisle, corridor is very careful and elegant decoration.

; unique indoor balcony

Mahler was the villa’s interior resembles a luxury cruise: tortuous and winding stairways separate the eastern and western flanks of a wing leading to the ;.

round window on the staircases like the ship’s side.

hanging on the ceiling with crystal chandeliers, a very warm indoor mapping.

interior dome is equipped with a color pattern Glass

villa cafe

; quiet inner room, where it is suitable for trance.

sit here, out of the window a green panoramic view.

; in the balcony seats, it is a good place to enjoy the scenery.

If you take this winter, will be very warm, very comfortable.

lawn in front of OSA, it is suitable, after sunset, spend time here.

lawn before the house is not too large, many couples are choosing lawn wedding held here.

Villa corner

villa gardens planted with cypress, cedar and other precious flowers and trees.

sitting here, enjoying the English afternoon tea.

table stuck in a white rose,travel to China, and the quiet atmosphere here, the integration.

; exquisite teapot

; Earl Grey

tea slowly, carefully pondering life ……

Three tea

caviar salmon sandwich

; hot and sour shrimp, egg sandwiches

walnut brownies

; Mango Chi Satz by Schubert

; foil cake

; fruit tower

hours of sunset fall, the tall spire Moller Villa, leaving here, full of fantastic colors.

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