Liaoning cuisine ( Photos )

19 Sep

Liaoning ten specialties:

old side of dumplings, Feast, Grilled pork pot, the Coral Sea Tiger wing, pumpkin shark fin light, the court Bazhen, Taihe Dual bright, lots of dragons wish Crane, ao double screw, double-color two-flavor shrimp.

Liaoning ten snacks:

Ma dumpling, durian cake, Niuzhuang pie, roast whole, three-color round pearls, Jinzhou dishes , handle all the meat and mutton soup, nourishing the head, shrimp radish cake, donkey crown top buckwheat dumplings.


Shenyang: West Tower Great noodles, white meat that home blood sausage, chicken pie cake Yang hanging furnace;

Dalian: Wang Mazi restaurant, Village of fishing every day and pay a small fishing village of seafood, North Music pasteurized milk, Golden State Cherry

Anshan: South Pear

Jinzhou: Goubangzi smoked chicken; North Town trotters, Goubangzi water stuffing steamed buns, side dishes Jinzhou North Town seasoned millet mush;

Liaoyang: Tower of sugar, dried pear perfume, old world Thai pastries, Tanghe tonic head,Yangtze river cruises, chicken head Yang, pastry ;

Fushun: Lotus steamed frog, golden flesh;

Benxi: length and width of trotters, mantis, loach soup;

Fuxin: Mongolian pie, Sewer fish feast, all the sheep feast;

Huludao: almond gruel;

sun: cut cake, bowls stumble, bean curd, pulling noodles, Atriplex big pancake ;

Panjin: crab,

Tieling: Yang old altar meat, small mind buns.

several detailed below:

Shenyang old side of dumplings

located in Shenyang, north side of dumplings the old market hall, before Built in 1829, has been 160 years of history, is the most prestigious Shenyang style restaurant, business category, there are 100 kinds of dumplings. Since 1983, the old side of dumplings honored as

old side of dumplings known for thin filling large,Yangtze river cruises, delicious taste, rich and not greasy, loose and easy to chew and famous. To table dumpling feast, steamed, baked, boiled, fried and taste a variety of cooking methods, aromatic; Tremella stuffing, stuffing seaweed, mushroom stuffing, shrimp stuffing taste different. Tired of eating fish, meat, can come to table Coincides with the arrival of guests, you had better table surface to pack 25 grams, a pot of blue alcohol fire Dragon contrast with the antique pot, small dumplings at Fei Tang, rolling up and down, like Long stirred the water, very enjoyable.

reason why it is blown away by the old side of dumplings, the key is filling system. Stir-filling production, fine choice of materials required. Meat, spring, summer and more with thin, autumn, winter and more fertilizer. Take half of the meat on the wok by adding sweet sauce, seasoning after frying, and the other half meat mixture,Yangtze river cruises, stir-made stuffing. Vegetables and choice of materials, as the seasons change and people’s tastes allocation: early spring election leeks, prawns with stuffing; summer melon with a horn, melon, celery into the stuffing; autumn election oil pepper, kidney beans, cucumber, cabbage filling system; winter system with a cabbage filling. Match meat and vegetables, juice, taste and elegant, unique style make the dumplings. Soft chewiness. Pure taste, worthy of Ming Yao in the high quality goods. No wonder the famous comedian Hou Baolin eat the old side of dumplings, the brush to write the

Ma dumpling

Ma Shenyang City, the famous dumpling is halal snacks, has been 180 years of history, known in Shenyang.

raw recipe:

skin: powder 4.4 kg rice flour 0.6 kg

filling: beef, 3.25 kg salt, soy sauce, MSG, ginger, green onion, sesame oil , seasoning oil amount

production methods:

1. Leatherworking: water Tangmian, he could feel with rice flour for each dose of 10 grams, roll into a thin-skinned.

2. Filling system: selection of cattle Sancha, purple cover, flank three parts of the meat, oil, raw bound Ligament boiled, then put together his mountain of meat and meat , add salt, soy sauce, MSG, ginger, green onion, sesame oil, seasoning oil (with onion, pepper, aniseed fried in oil), etc., then you can dip flavor packs.

3. Packs: no flowers on the seal revealed the secret quit, like a peony bud. This is Ma dumpling apart. Cage steam cooked, the color-shaped appearance, smell the smell.

Product features: thin and light, chewy, soft, tender and loose, mellow taste

Goubangzi smoked chicken

Goubangzi smoked chicken Liaoning North Town City Goubangzi traditional staple, with its long history, to create unique, delicious and well-known.

Goubangzi smoked chicken was founded twenty-five years of the Qing dynasty (AD 1899). Then there is a smoked chicken Anhui merchants called Shi-Zhong Liu, and be compelled, from famine to Goubangzi settled living. He resumed business, making smoked chicken. As the smoked chicken flavor is not concentrated, not in line with the tastes of the Northeast, few diners, business was light. Shi-Zhong Liu improved through repeated studies, the effect is not ideal, and finally pointing in an old Chinese medicine, in boiled the soup, added with the appetite and help digestion of cinnamon, Angelica, dried tangerine peel, Amomum dozen other flavor Chinese herbal medicine, this time smoked out of the chicken while maintaining the ancestral characteristics, but also adds a special rich flavor. After several tests and then mastered the best formula. The smoked chicken from Shi-Zhong Liu gradually reputation earthquake.

Goubangzi fine smoked chicken production process, there are sixteen processes, including selection of live chickens, quarantine, slaughter, plastic, boiled, smoked, etc. On the boil is very particular about the ingredients, in addition to using the old soup add two dozen spices, but also stick with the traditional sugar smoked, and must do three criteria: First, cast the salt to be accurate, salty appropriate; two the furnace to be accurate, people leave the pot; third quasi-feeding to keep delicious. Therefore, the processing of the smoked chicken with the aroma, color and taste, bad and even silk, suitable for salty, nutrient-rich features.

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