Swiss town the dream into the Alice in Wonderland

21 Sep

early KERNSS town , the sky is still light rain . Drove the winding roads of the town , walk through the meadows and between houses ,china tour operator, along the way into the eyes of almost all printed in green . Arrive hotel , I put the luggage out on foot carrying a camera . Walking on country roads , to wander in this endless revel comfortable and quiet among the green .

hot summer in Europe , but here , the Swiss KERNSS, the foot of the Alps mountains , came the moment can feel the coolness in the air , and wet with rain and pleasant views . The whole town is very quiet , not too many foreign developers , inns and rarely ,china tour operator, almost no visitors .

distant mountains hazy clouds , green grass near the red room ,china tour operator, lush trees around their houses , there is the smell of chimney smoke Miao Miao villagers here live aloof *** the day , here is detailed and beautiful paradise , can not help but think of the Swiss light music celebrities Bandari ‘s

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