Singapore Chijmes to cozy cup of tea

29 Sep

Gothic cathedrals are generally distributed in Europe , but in Southeast Asia , also has such a slender pillar structure, pointed arch, vaulted Gothic cathedral , she sits most prosperous Singapore downtown , Victoria Street.

Chijmes – Chinese is translated as Chijmes , Singapore is a historic building , built between 1840-1 , he was originally a Catholic monastery , and later use of more and more , the current be used as a church , hall , tourist attractions , there are a variety of restaurants , bars , art galleries , entertainment center , especially in particular, there is a maid cafe , which is the visitors to Singapore , especially the free exercise of visitors must not miss a spot .

enjoy a variety of angles in this Gothic style church ,tour Beijing, it is easy to find detailed works , such as a wall decoration, murals , and so on . She is all the churches in the construction of Singapore ‘s most sophisticated one, in addition to the church itself , there are around the courtyard , and the vast space , with wall to cut out the heart of Singapore’s city center , into the courtyard , the moment came to feel European .

the bottom of the church , there is a big square , which over a variety of shops, bars , etc., from Chijmes name of view,tour Beijing, there really is not just a church it , more space , leaving the public to leisure and relax .

here to enjoy the beauty of the Gothic church ,tour Beijing, drink beer, look at the eye in the heart of sweet , really nice .

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